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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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foreign policy. student cody won a ticket. as a registered independent, he will be listening closely but he's leaning toward the president. >> foreign policy is probably the most important thing to me. i care about what's going on in the world and how we can make it a better place. >> reporter: democrat elizabeth is in boca raton for the debate. she's already decided to cast her vote for romney. >> because the direction we've been in the last four years have failed us. failed. there's no debate here. look at the record. >> reporter: tonight mitt romney will work to make the case the president's leadership abroad has failed. the president will point to successes, including killing osama bin laden. the 90-minute debate will most likely start where the second one left off. the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. both candidateses have come under fire for their response to the attack. they'll also be -- there will also be be debate questions about iran's nuclear ambitions
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and itself u.s. -- the u.s. relationship with china. polls show the economy is the far most important issue to voters. both candidates are also expected to talk about the economy and their foreign policy answers. both candidates have had their walk threw in the debate hall and will spend time with family and friends before the start of tonight's debate. in boca raton, florida, danielle nottingham. back to you. >> thank you for that preview. cbs news' own bob schieffer is the one 340d rate -- moderating tonight's debate. mitt romney will get the first question. we'll have your go to debate station tonight. we're teaming up with our sister publication "u.s.a. today" and beginning at 9:00 p.m. on our website, we'll be live blogging, fact checking what the candidates are saying. you can join the conversation with us via facebook or twitter. watch the debate on channel 9 at 9:00 and then on 9news at 11:00, we will have a fact
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checking segment, taking a look at what the candidates said, no spin, what's right, what's wrong, what's new on. that's with our "u.s.a. today" political team. meanwhile voting is under way in the district. early voting, that is. today is the first day d.c. voters can cast ballots in the presidential election. this early voting is taking place at one judiciary square. that's 441 4th street northwest and it's open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. now we move on to maryland where gay marriage is no doubt one of the most controversial questions on the november ballot. so you have to ask, how could the spanish explanations be so wrong. bruce leshan joins us with that. bruce? >> reporter: you know how we all get these kind of summaries in the mail from the board of elections. well, it turns out that the spanish language summary of the marriage equality question, question 6, switches a word around and really could have people voting exactly the opposite way that they intend.
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>> the instructions are the complete opposite of what the english instructions are. >> reporter: it's martha who first called the translation to our attention. >> two completely different things. >> reporter: raul is a native spanish speaker and translator certified by the organization of american states, and he also says that the translation is just plain wrong. >> in spanish it says, this bill amends current law which allows same-sex couples to obtain a civil marriage license which is totally wrong. >> reporter: the issue is not with the ballot itself. that's correct. the problem is with the summary and that suggests same-sex marriage is already the law in maryland, and that if you want
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to change it you should vote for question 6. >> on june 30, my husband and i celebrated our 50th anniversary. >> reporter: martha has been married to her husband for half a century. she supportses a right to civil unions for gays and lesbians, but she is against same-sex marriage. she just hopes people who feel the same way don't get confused. >> they should have insurance. they should have all the protections that people -- but marriage is between a man and a woman. >> reporter: she actually thinks people who are in favor of question 6 ought to understand the whole thing. let me run through it. if you want to vote for the right to have -- be married if you're a gay or lesbian, you vote for question 6. voting against it would deny the right to marriage to gays and lesbians. we told the maryland board of elections about this problem.
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the deputy administrator apologizes, isn't quite sure how this translation got so messed up, and he says -- but he insists when people go to actually vote, the last thing they're going to see, that sample ballot, the real ballot is going to be right so he hopes that they do exactly as they intend. >> thank you for that. an investigation continues tonight to an attack on a popular trail in bethesda. >> police say a 21-year-old was struck on the head while out for a run on the capital crescent trail t. runs for miles but the assault happened between mcarthur boulevard and mass avenue near brookway drive. kristin fisher brings us the story. >> usually we're more concerned about the bicyclists. >> reporter: not this morning. joggers on the capital crescent trail are far more concerned about what happened here around 7:00 sunday night. a 21-year-old attacked and sexually assaulted on her
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evening jog. >> wow, i'm stunned actually. i always felt very secure. there are lots of cyclists. i just never had given it any thought. >> it's really scary. i drive on this trail about three, -- jog on this trail about three, four times a week. never felt unsafe. this makes me second-guess. >> reporter: this woman stopped just for a few seconds to allow some deer to cross the trail right about here but those few seconds is all it took for somebody to come up from behind, hit her on the head, knocking her unconshz. he dragged -- unconscious. he dragged herred into w50ds. >> she -- into the woods. >> she was able to get back on the trail. thankfully a 40-year-old male jogger was passing by. >> reporter: the victim is still in the hospital recovering from serious head trauma. but she was able to give a description of her attacker to police. a white male, mid-20s wearing dark clothing. until he's caught, police are asking all joggers, especially women, to take extra
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precautions. >> i would consider maybe running a different -- at different times when it's more populated around here. >> find somebody to walk with me now that my dog is too sick to go with me every morning. >> i'm -- i'll still go out but i'll be more cautious. >> reporter: kristin fisher, 9news now. >> if you have any information in this case, montgomery county police want to hear from you. you can contact them at 1-866- 411-tips. there is some new information tonight about the murder of a pregnant woman in new york and a possible connection to one of the d.c. area snipers. matt jablow is in our stat light center with can he -- satellite center with details. on saturday vindalee smith, a 38-year-old woman who was supposed to be married on sunday was found stabbed to death in her basement apartment. she was about eight months pregnant at the time. a note was found underneath
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smith's body warning that one pregnant woman a week would die unless lee malvo, the d.c. sniper now serving a life sentence was released from prison. investigators think the note could be an effort by the killer to throw police off track. friends and family of vindalee smith are angry and frightened. >> we're living in a time trouble and there is -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: police say they're operating under the assumption that smith knew her killer and they have annoy questioned her -- have now questioned her fiance who turns out is already married to another woman. >> oh, my goodness. thank you, matt. police revisited a crime scene in capitol heights, maryland today in an effort to solve the murder of an 18-year- old. marckel ross was shot and killed in the 1600 block of old central avenue back on september 11. police passed out flyers and
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spoke to people. they were trying to learn more about a robbery the day before ross was killed. detectives want to speak to the victim. a former f.b.i. agent charged in a deadly crash went on trial today in prince george's county. that crash back in february of last year killed 18-year-old lawrence garner, junior and seriously injured his best friend. adrian johnson was off duty at the time of the crash in brandywine. ahead a blood alcohol more than three times the legal limit and they also say he was speeding. he could get ten years in prison if convicted. coming up, the verdict in the case of three scientists accused for failing to issue a warning about a deadly earthquake. warm today but warmer weather on the way. we'll talk about how warm it's going to get and the possibility of a big storm over the weekend. a govern body deals lance armstrong yet another career
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ending blow.
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today was the day many metro commuters have been ekerly awaiting. they have a way out on the south side of the dupont metro station now that the escalator replacement project is completed. it's welcome news for people who use that station glitsz' been eight months-- >> it's been eight months. i live on this side of dupont circle. to constantly walk back was a headache to me. but now the escalators are brand new, sparkling. they're lit and they run well. >> metro plans to replace 94 escalators over the next seven years. lance armstrong's fall from grace is now complete. today the international cycling union banned armstrong from cycling and stripped him of his seven tour de france wins. that decision backed up a ruling from the u.s. antidoping agency which accuses armstrong
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of using performance enhancing drugs and dodging detections with his blood transfusion efforts. he's still denying he did anything wrong. >> peoplask me a lot how you doing. i tell them, i say i've been better but i've also been worse. >> we've come too far in the fight against doping to return to our past. cycling has a future and something like this must never happen again. >> the international olympic committee is also reviewing armstrong's case and just may strip him of the bronze medal he won at the 2000 games in sydney. just last week armstrong epped down as chairman of his livestrong cancer charity and cycling sponsors have stopped supporting him. a group of italian scientists is being held responsible for failing to warn residents about a deadly earthquake three years ago. >> reporter: an italian court convicted a group of scientists of manslaughter for failing to warn residents about the 2009
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earthquake in the historic city. the powerful quake tilled 309 people, injured more than 1500, and left 65,000 people homeless. the seven scientists who worked on the nation's great risks commission were sentenced to six years behind bars after the court found them guilty of downplaying the risks of a major quake and not warning residents to evacuate. the city lives on a major fault line that has frequent tremors. seismologists around the world are alarmed at the charges and argue it is impossible to predict when an earthquake will strike. >> here you have a number of scientists who are simply doing their job, being prosecuted for criminal manslaughter. i think that scares all of us who are involved in risk communication. >> reporter: the city is now
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mostly abandoned and many buildings will have to be demolished. residents who sued the scientists say their ultimate goal was to get better information about future earthquakes. the convicted scientists do not have to go to jail immediately. they have time to appeal. cbs news, rome. >> the convicted scientists held an emergency meeting just six days before that deadly earthquake struck. >> the only question is what is the penalty when i was planning an early morning bike ride and there's rain. >> a forecast is not a fact cast. >> earthquakes are geology. it has nothing to do with meteorology. nothing to do. you can hammer us for showers. you can't hammer us for earthquakes. get ready for a september like week. temperatures run 5g to 10 -- 5 to 10 to almost 15 degrees above average before the week is out. let's start with a live look outside. this is our michael & son
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weather cam. isn't that nice? >> have they hit their peak? >> not downtown but west of 95 they're close. they're very, very close in our northern and western suburbs. temperatures nice. 72. dew points in the low 40s. cannot complain. pressure steady 30.12 inches of mercury. here are the fall colors. we've kind of drawn the near peak line on our extreme northern western suburbs so leesburg and frederick. you're close to peak. if you have not been out to skyline drive, try to get out this week. the weather will be spectacular. i would try to get out before the weekend. still plenty of good color west of 95 and some color south and east. pretty much past peak from cumberland across the divide. look at the temps. 70 in laytonsville. 71 in rock scril. 68 in -- rockville. 62348 great falls. this -- 68 in great falls. this is pretty nice. 70 in burke. 72 downtown. 71 in college park. 68 in bowie. a nice warm-up.
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more like september. mild days. mild nights rather and warm days. keep your sunglasses handy. mainly dry tomorrow. there's a chance after sprinkle. i don't want derek getting mad at us. just a slight chance after sprinkle tomorrow afternoon mainly north of town. for tonight clear early. mild. high clouds come in by dawn. lows 45 to 55. winds southwest at 10. tomorrow morning partly sunny and pleasant. i don't think you're going to need a jacket. temps will bounce back quickly in the 50s and 60s. winds southwest at 10. by afternoon partly sunny and warm. again a sprinkle possible, primarily north of town. i'd concentrate on this part of the forecast and this part, too. highs near 80, winds south, southwest at about 5 to 10. its going to be warm from the mountains to the coast. wear talking 65 in oakland tomorrow. 73 in cumberland. mid-70s in hagerstown and martinsburg and winchester maybe 77. wow. 81 in culpeper. 77 in leesburg. 77 in manassas.
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77 or 78 in fairfax. upper 70s downtown and into southern maryland near 80. winds low and small craft advisory. upper 70s in gaithersburg, clarksburg and frederick. we'll break it down now. 45 to 55 to start. by noon 70 to 75. slight chance after sprinkle but north of town -- of a sprinkle but north of town. by evening 75 to 79 under partly sunny skies. really pretty nice. next three days green, green, and green. maybe a sprinkle. 80 on wednesday. 77 still warm on thursday. next seven days a couple things to point out. friday we're still warm. maybe a sprinkle. the weekend, we're either going to have a storm or showers. right now i'm leaning toward showers. the nor'easter should stay off the coast. just sort of keep that in mind. showers possible on saturday, saturday night, ending on sunday. we'll keep a chance of the nor'easter because some of the
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model are not in agreement. either way showers or rain on the weekend. cooler sunday and monday. >> this is the thing. if it was winter, it would be snow. we have to take what we can get. >> it would be very excite. but we would have to be working which would make its will exciting around here. coming up in our consumer alert, a jam niece automaker -- japanese automaker recalls thousands of vehicles. we'll tell you why. a suspect and his alleged target in the deadly salon shooting.
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police now say the man who went on a shooting spree at a wisconsin spa has a history of domestic abuse. in fact, he had just been arrested for allegedly slashing his wife's tires just a few weeks back. now we're just learning he bought the gun used in the attack two days after a court order to turn in all his firearms. three women were killed in the shooting in brookfield, including the suspect's wife. four other women were injured. one of them is in critical condition. the suspect was later found dead inside the spa. the security guard wounded in a shooght at the family research -- shooting at the family research council received the first ever mayor's
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medal of honor. mayor vince gray awarded leo johnson. he was able to restrain the suspect despite being wounded. that suspect floyd core kin is the second -- corkins is charged with assault with intent to kill. virginia is number one when it comes to the number of machine guns. the bureau says there were more than 30,000 registered machine guns in virginia as of march. florida and california rank second and third. the virginia association of chiefs of police says fully automatic machine guns are rarely used to commit crimes. in took's consumer alert, a campaign to stop scams, a nissan recall and a little less pain at the pump. that's some good news 230 drivers. a -- news for drivers. the nationwide average for a gallon of guess is down to $3.72. in our area a gallon of regular
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ranges from $3.50 in virginia to $3.46 in maryland and $3.80 in the district. nissan is recalling nearly 14,000 altimas. the car company says some bolts in the vehicles can come loose, they can fall and increase the risk of a crash. owners can take their cars to the dealer to fix the problem starting october 29. itself better business bureau has joined forces with western union to launch the bbb scam stopper campaign. this program provides some information and tips to help you if you live in the mid- atlantic region to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. we've got a link to the campaign stopper campaign on our website coming up, a member of the kennedy clan goes on trial for getting into a scuffle at a hospital maternity ward. also ahead, the answer to the age old question why did the
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kangaroo jump through the parking garage? >> reporter: this is bruce johnson. one of the city's most successful football coaches has been fired for using an ineligible player but did he cheat? i'll have that story coming up.
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now we've got an update for you on one of the area's top high school football coaches who was fired for using an
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ineligible flair. gregg philip is appealing the decision. >> players and parents are coming to his defense. our bruce johnson has been looking into the case. it's a report you'll only see on 9. >> reporter: josh morgan played for coach fuller as did new england patriot corner back trayion williams. 13 years on the sidelines for woodson, gregg fuller has sent 78 players to division one clerches on scholarship. -- colleges on scholarship. more than 200 woodson players have gone to college. >> we don't have the spark in the locker room no more because our coach is not there. >> after the practice, he'd take me home. >> reporter: he's a woodson player with a 3.4 grade point average but last week the coach was suddenly fired by the d.c. school system's athletic director for using an
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ileligible player. denise has one son now playing for tampa bay and a second son playing for coach fuller and drawing interest from division one schools. >> division bun schools and scowpts from other -- scouts from other divisions will not look at that student. >> reporter: the rules say he should have been allowed to play for woodson provided he lives in the city or was paying out of state tuition. >> he was fired before the investigation was conducted. >> reporter: parents of students say they've been sacked by the decision to fire greg fuller. parents and students lined up and marched into the building that houses the athletic department. coach fuller told the group he's done nothing wrong. didn't know the player was ineligible. sources to darwin kelly say he signed papers from officials declaring him properly registered at their school. >> i'm not growing to say
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anything on camera. >> reporter: athletic director stephanie evans told parents the same thing we heard downtown. it's a personnel matter. she can't discuss the coach fuller firing. >> this man is so important to all these kids' lives. 's important to me. >> he's been a good coach from what i know. >> reporter: mayor gray made it clear today he won't interfere in the school matter. greg fuller is refusing comment. he's still employed as a teacher. his union is apaling his dismissal at coach. bruce johnson, 9news. >> the d.c. school system determined that the ineligible woodson football player actually lived in maryland. woodson forfeited one of its wins. coach fuller still has his job as a classroom teacher. the race for the white house tighter than ever and in just a few hours, voters get one final chance to see president brack bang and his -- barack obama and his republican challenger mitt romney side by side. it's their final debate on the campus of lynn university in
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boca raton, florida. foreign policy at issue. clearly libya and the deaths at the benghazi consulate will be front and center. >> you have to figure those will be a hot topic. the romney campaign has continued to ham other this point that the administration has been changing its story about exactly what happened at the embassy there. clearly we have the death of the ambassador and three other americans. that's bad news. they will try to push back. i think obama will try to make the point that some of romney's initial statements on this topic were not very helpful. they're now angry with house republicans for releasing some material on this that might have compromised some other sources in libya. there will be a lot of back and forth on this topic. >> when we talk about cease si and intel -- secrecy and intelligence, just this week, there was a leak that the united states may be ready to begin negotiations with iran,
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sanctions coming to the time. the white house is saying wait a minute, that's not the case. this may come up. >> this is one of those interesting issues for a sitting president of the united states because there are things in diplomacy that you don't like to talk about publicly. this may very well be one of them. i'm curious to see if obama can say in response to these questions, look, we're not prepared to talk about that at this point. you sort of get the impression they might want to step away from this story if there really -- if they really are in negotiations with iran. meanwhile romney is going to make the case they've been coddling iran, haven't been strong enough and partnering close enough with israel. any of these rumors of backstage talks may play into romney's attack on that subject. >> romney has really hammered the president's relationship with israel, talking about detail light between them, not being a close friend to israel. do you think that is resonating with some jewish voters? >> certainly resonating with some jewish voters.
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i was in a very jewish neighborhood this weekend and saw a bunch of romney stickers in hebrew. there is a sense among some american jews that obama has not been sufficiently supportive of israel and prime minister -- prime minister netanyahu. president obama will make the case there's no daylight between us. but it is going to be -- i think romney will try and pound home the point that he believes and some jews believe that obama has not been as close to israel as he could be. >> clearly both of these men are trying to present the fact that they are the one who should be the leader of the united states on the world stage. polls have gone back and forth. they've become closer since the debates begun. what's at stake? >> it's interesting because obama has four years of foreign policy experience to make the
5:34 pm
case on, but it's always a mixed bag. he has add some -- had some victories. leprobably bring up in osama bin laden who in fact is dead that we know. but he's had a lot of defeats and these murky issues going on in syria have we bon active in the proper -- been active in the proper ways. he has a lot to defend as well as some stuff to trumpet. romney not really having any foreign policy experience in his background can be on the attack more with less to defend. >> we'll be working with you tonight as your team facts check, as the candidates make their responses. you'll be joining us tonight. >> looking forward to. >> we are too. we are your go to station for tonight's coverage. in spin, just the facts. we're teaming up with our sister paper "u.s.a. today" beginning at 9:00 p.m. on our website. we'll be live blogging about what the candidates are saying. you can join the conversation. tell us what you think on facebook and twitter. then join us on 9news at 11:00 where paul and i will be fact
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checking the candidates' statements through the final debate with the political team. back to you, derek. >> thanks, anita. appreciate that. the son of the late senator robert f. kennedy went on trial today in a case of alleged physical harassment and child endangerment in a maternity ward. prosecutors say douglas kennedy kicked a nurse and scuffled with some others as he was trying to take his own newborn out of that hospital without permission. it stems from a confrontation in westchester, new york back in january. kennedy claims the nurses are simply after his cash. talk show oas ellen degeneral -- host ellen degenres will receive the mark twain prize for american humor, the top prize for humor. a number of stars will be on hand to deliver tribute performances. she began her career as a comedy club emcee in new orleans and became the first female standup comedian to chat with johnny carson on the tonight show. the show will be broadcast next
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week on pbs. singer adele confirms she is the mother of a new baby boy. the father is the grammy award winner's boyfriend. the british singer/songwriter is quoted as saying we're all over the upon n. is her first baby and she's worked on a new album and has been working on it throughout her pregnancy. we don't know the little one's name and the other details are still a mystery, too. coming up, police say a new jersey mom went a little too far trying to protect her daughter from some school bullies. we'll tell you what happened there. the weather is nice and the pollen count low. here's your pollen count. trees are absent. we're looking at grasses and weeds and mold spores all in the low range. you may see the weeds go up a little bit but all in all not bad. we'll come back and talk about how warm it's going to get this week and if the tropical storm sandy is going to affect our weekend. >> but first, a boy falls off a balcony and becomes wedged between two walls.
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we're going to take you to a dramatic rescue up next. >> don't forget we're always on on stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a 4-year-
5:40 pm
old boy is rescued after being trapped between the walls of to buildings in china. the child got stuck after falling from a third floor balcony. he was hanging there for half an hour before firefighters came to his rescue. and the whole thing took about two hours. firefighters finally made a hole in the wall big enough to get him out. amazingly after all of that, he emerged with just some bruises. >> i can't even imagine how scary that would be. >> i can't either. a stray kangaroo caused quite a commotion at the melbourne australia airport. >> they're usually pretty cute, but after hopping through the airport gate, skippy there found its way up to the fifth level of the long-term parking garage and it took a treat from a passenger or rather a tweet from a passenger to alert the airport management. hey, somebody is up here who doesn't belong. the floor was shut down till the wild folks got in there and sedated it. it's okay. >> it just kept going and
5:41 pm
going. >> [indiscernible] >> about 80,000 passenger as day, one or two kangaroos occasionally. >> it was kept overnight for observation and was due to be released back into the wild sometime today. >> look at skippy. he's cute. fallout today for the redskins after yesterday's devastating last-minute loss to the new york giants. we're going to get the latest from redskins park coming up. >> why some are calling for new ways to make cheerleading more safe. i'll have that story coming up.
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welcome back to 9news. i'm anita brikman in the "u.s.a. today" newsroom where he'll be covering the debate. i have an important health alert coming from children's doctors in the u.s. there are a growing number of injuries to cheerleaders. there are new guidelines out to make the sport a safer one. >> reporter: the varsity cheerleading squad is practicing before the big game.
5:45 pm
it can be fun but it can also be dangerous. >> i just got my second concussion. i sprained a lot of things and a lot of black eyes. >> reporter: cheerleading injuries has been on the rise for years. now the american academy of pediatrics is putting out new guidelines that say cheerleading should be designated as a sport in all states, a designation that would ensure cheerleaders certain safety measures. >> mandatory presport physicals, access to appropriately certified coaches, access to training programs. >> reporter: cheerleading has become more competitive in recent years and routines involve more difficult and complex moves. each year there are about 26,000 injuries in the u.s. other recommendations including no stunts on hard or wet surfaces and no pyramids more than two people high. at clarkstown north, the team doesn't everything it can to
5:46 pm
prevent injuries. >> if we're learning a new stunt, we do require that they have spotters in the back until they could execute the stunt. >> reporter: 15-year-old shannon oh connor broke her -- o'connor broke her nose during a stunt but it didn't dampening her enthusiasm for cheerleading. >> i've been doing it my whole life and didn't want to stop. >> reporter: cbs news, new city, new york. >> the overall rate for injuries among cheerleaders is about the saming a soccer or gymnastics but when you talk about the catastrophic injuries, it's actually higher in cheerleading and the pediatricians want that addressed. derek and lesli, back to you. >> it is a sport and we can see how that happens sometimes. thanks. the parents of a hagerstown teenager say an energy drink helped kill their daughter and they're taking the makers of
5:47 pm
monster energy drinks to court. their daughter died of cardiac arrhythmia. she was 14 years old. the parents say the little girl went into cardiac arrest after drinking two 24 ounce monster drinks within a 24-hour period. monster denies the allegations. the company will vigorously fight that lawsuit. a new jersey mom and grandma are now charged with attacking two fourth grade boys that they claim were bullying a 9-year-old. 28-year-old rebecca sardona say she and her 51-year-old mom board add school looking for the boys they claim had been harassing rebecca's daughter. the mother cursed at and slapped the boys while her mother screamed at them but rebecca says, i didn't hit anybody. >> i do want to make it a hundred percent clear that i never put my hands on anybody. i wouldn't never put my hands on a child. they turned this around like the boys are the victim. my daughter with us the victim
5:48 pm
-- was the victim. >> there was some indication of bullying but we have some conflict whether the person that she thinks was responsible is the person she struck. >> rebecca says she took matters into her own hands but school official -- because school officials add ignored -- add ignored her complaints about the bullying. the invitation says ap apple has a little more to show you and it's building some buzz among fans who anticipate that the company is going to introduce its ipad mini tomorrow. the latest version is expected to have a screen about three inches smaller and have less memory than the original ipad tablet and it's speculated that the starting price will be between $2150 and $-- $250 and $300. microsoft will launch its latest operating system. windows 8 is believed to be radically different than earlier versions of the software. microsoft windows 8 will allow users to tie together their pcs, tablets and smartphones.
5:49 pm
gentlemen? >> it looks very -- it's all so confusing. you have windows 7. i have another computer with vista. what am i supposed to do now? >> i know what they want you to do. >> exactly. >> let's talk weather. it's going to be more like september. we'll back the calendar up because that's what temperatures will be like. we should be 67. that's our average high right now. these are projected highs this week. we're going to go 78 on tuesday. 80 on wednesday. upper 70s on thursday. and mid-70s on friday, even low 70s on saturday. so this is way above the average. again, this is more like september 20 or 21st. just about a month earlier. our live michael & son weather cam, you see the colors now changing around the -- the trees changing around the white house. very nice. 72 downtown. dew point still comfortable. humidity way down there. the pressure steady 31.2 inches of mercury. we have this area of showers and a few thunderstorms through the mid-west. thunderstorms. it's warm in the eastern two-
5:50 pm
thirds of the country. a weekend storm maybe. this is tropical storm sandy. it will move off the florida coast by saturday. i really think it's going to stay far enough off shore not to bother us but it will -- either way, we have a cold front coming through saturday night. showers and thunderstorms. these will throw this high clouds our way tonight. we start out clear and then some high clouds come in late. all in all a nice night. let's talk about the track of sandy. the track now is going to head off to the north and to the east. it's going to go across jamaica, across cuba. get into the -- around the bahamas. by saturday it's off the coast of florida. most of the models will take it pretty harmlessly out to sea. a couple of models do bring it closer to the north carolina coast. we'll watch it very carefully for you throughout the week. but right now we can just enjoy these temperatures. 66 in vienna. 71 rockville. 69 down toward burke and 70 over in college park so the next three days, green, green, and green. why not? 78 tomorrow.
5:51 pm
maybe a sprinkle north. 80 on wednesday. wow. then 77, still warm on thursday. the next seven days, friday still pretty warm, mid-70s. maybe a sprinkle. but still temperature wise a bargain. saturday regardless of where that sandy goes, it's still going to be showery saturday night. i think it's going to be okay except for showers. showers end early on sunday. either way it gets cooler. sunday and monday back in the 60s which is back to reality. >> it was nice while it lasted. >> may last for a week. >> we'll take it. if either of you can play defensive back, i think the redskins have some openings. >> they need some help in that area for sure. rg3 exciting again. looked good. defense not so much. it was a heartbreaker yesterday. obviously it would have been great to beat the champs but it was a heartbreaker. as we take a look back at the loss yesterday, dave owens tells us just as often as the offense picks this team up, the defense let's them down.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: if you needed more evidence, you got it. robert griffin iii is an unyielding force. sunday's final 120 seconds were electrifying. wheels? check. boys under fire? boy, was he ever. >> when the game is on the line, you want the ball in your hands and you believe you can do it. there wasn't a doubt in my mind we were going to win that game. >> 4th and 10, a great play. i don't know how many people make that play. >> count the giants as the next in line of rg3 believers. >> i told mike, that's a tough concept, you know. you're defending the national football league plus the triple option. it's a difficult scheme. >> the biggest barrier to griffin's success seems to be his own secondary who inexplicably forgot defensive back 101. stay deeper than the deepest man. [indiscernible] end up in the end zone.
5:53 pm
unfortunate. we play every week. not going to let one game end the season. we have a long season. we'll do our thing, lick our wounds. patch them up and keep going. >> reporter: depleting. maybe the most depressing scene? fred davis hobbling off after tearing his achilles. gone for the year. >> it felt like a cramp at first. i thought i was cramped a little bit. right after i came out, i couldn't walk. i knew it was probably more serious than that. >> reporter: london fletcher left today's game mid third quarter with a hamstring injury and never returned. ands he told reporters he wasn't going to risk going back into the game if he couldn't help his team. from met life stadium, dave owens, 9 sports. >> fred davis is placed on injured reserve. the redskins did resign chris cooley today so number 47 is back. we'll actually hear from him coming up a little later in sports. we may have a treat for our
5:54 pm
viewers as well. >> we'll find out whether or not next week-- >> knowing him he'll go out starting the first drive and then he'll be done if he's really hurt that bad. just ahead at 6:00, the third and final presidential debate. we'll have expert analysis from florida on what we ought to expect tonight. >> i'm peggy fox in fairfax where today governor george allen shared his personal journey learning about his jewish heritage. i'll have the story coming up. >> plus, hero central. we'll introduce you to a literacy group that helps immigrants adjust to their new lives in northern virginia.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
imagine coming to this country not able to speak english, not able to read street signs or fill out a job application. it's a reality for many immigrants in this country but one prince william county organization is educating people who now call their community home so they can have basic literacy skills. jc hayward al absolutes the litty volunteers of america prince william. >> i came to this country. all i can say is good money, good money. [indiscernible] >> reporter: she came to this country two years ago from west africa. she learned about literacy volunteers of america of prince william and she quickly signed up. >> it's wonderful. they're such wonderful individuals.
5:58 pm
it's so nice to see them progress and move toward where they won't need me anymore. that's the whole plan. >> reporter: sonia, the tutor, works patiently. she also works with a pakistani american who immigrated seven months ago to escape religious persecution. >> she helped us find a job. >> reporter: zeb got hired at a 7-eleven after improving his english. >> most of the students we get here are probably better educated than i am in their country, but unfortunately that doesn't translate here for jobs and things like that. >> reporter: the organization helps break down the language barrier for immigrants. >> this economy we've had a lot of students come in where their jobs depend on them improving their reading and writing skills or they need the skills to actually get a job. >> reporter: and she did land a
5:59 pm
job. >> this class did a lot for me because i just got a job last month at wal-mart because my english is better. >> reporter: i'm jc hayward, 9news now. >> aside from a $20 testing fee, the classes are free. the literacy volunteers of america of prince william county tutors not only immigrants but also english speakers who want to earn their ged or improve their reading to learn more on how to volunteer or enroll, go to a small school in florida provides the very large stage tonight for the third and final presidential debate. tonight's topic? foreign policy. our own anita brikman is standing by at the headquarters of our sister newspaper at "u.s.a. today" in mclean where we'll be providing coverage. >> with 29 electoral votes,


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